How to Watch The Outsider Online in Australia

Stephen King is the master of horror and suspense, and his latest novel was something special. It was quickly adapted for the small screen and turned into a 10-part mini-series. Critics were praising the show, and instantly the number of fans grew.

Unfortunately, they wrote the show for one of the USA’s largest TV networks, HBO. Because of this, it faces restrictions around the globe because of publishing rights.

Countless fans around the world wish to follow the crimes and find out who was responsible for the gruesome murder of the 11-year old boy.

Catch all the episodes of The Outsider Online

After answering the question, “Is the outsiders on Netflix streaming,” with a no, you can find out where and how to catch all the episodes of The Outsider.

What is The Outsider?

There are ten full episodes of The Outsider season one. The show based on the novel of the same name.

It tells the story of a man Terry Maitland, played by Jason Bateman, who was accused of the death of a young boy.

It was the duty of Georgia detective Ralph Anderson (Ben Mendelsohn) to lead the investigation; however, things are not as they seem as there is an ironclad alibi supporting Maitland’s testimony.

Here is a quick episode guide without giving any spoilers of the plot.

  1. Fish in a Barrel: Detective Ralph Anderson begins his investigation
  2. Roanoke: Detective Jack Hoskins comes back to work after a tragedy throws Anderson’s investigation into a tailspin.
  3. Dark Uncle: There is lots of conflicting evidence, and Holly Gibney arrives to offer a fresh perspective.
  4. Que Viene el Coco: Holly pursues a link to an eerily similar case.
  5. Tear Drinker: Ralph receives an ominous warning.
  6. The One About the Yiddish Vampire: Holly begins connecting murders.
  7. In the Pines, In the Pines: Holly tries to help Jack while their whereabouts are being tracked.
  8. Foxhead: (Holly) Cynthia drive with Ralph, Yunis, and Andy follow as Claude deals with his brother, and the group finds they try to prevent the evil force from making another kill.
  9. Tigers and Bears: Ralph and Yunis begin interviewing witnesses from the cave festival. The group considers their next move as Claude deals with his role in everything.
  10. Must/ Can’t: The group faces a climactic showdown in an effort to root out what they know as El Cuco.

Where to Watch The Outsider Online

When you begin searching where to watch The Outsider, it can be most people first thing to ask, “Is The Outsiders on Netflix?” It isn’t on Netflix, and probably never will be.

However, using a VPN, you can still find where to catch the show.

Amazon Prime

If you have an Amazon Prime account access to Amazon Prime Video, you can pay an additional $14.99 per month for the HBO subscription. You are then able to access HBO content and watch Outsiders.

It is worth noting; you are paying the same rate as you would pay for HBO MAX, you can lose out for newer shows going this route.

HBO Website

Signing up for HBO direct through the website will give you HBO Max. You can’t access a live stream, and it still costs the same $14.99 per month.

HBO does require you to have a US-based payment option. However, you can use gift cards to complete sign up transactions.

HBO on Hulu

Hulu is one of the better options for HBO streaming Australia because it offers so much. The breadth of content is vast and they even produce their shows.

The other great thing with a Hulu subscription is that you automatically get all the HBO Max content when you watch online.

Hulu does come with a subscription, although this can be minimal compared to other streaming services, even when the HBO subscription still costs the same $14.99.

  • Basic $5.99 per month and supported by advertising
  • Ad-free $11.99 per month
  • Hulu with Live TV $54.99 per month

The basic plan is sufficient to watch The Outsider’s stream as long as you add HBO. For the two lower plans, new subscribers get a one-month free trial and a seven-day free trial for HBO.

Signing up is straightforward, yet you face the same payment hurdle as the HBO site. You can find Hulu gift cards online, which you can redeem here

When you complete your account setup, either you can watch HBO shows through the Hulu app or site, or you can log in to the HBO app and website to view the content directly.

Best VPN to Watch Outsider

Watch Outsider Streams with a VPN

Because the show sits behind the geo-restrictions of HBO, no matter which service you use to access the network, you still need a premium VPN to bypass these.

A VPN will take your connection from Australia, or whichever country you are in and replace your IP address. It is this that shows the service whether to block you or allow entry (Even Hulu does this).

With a new IP address from your VPN server, any streaming service in the USA, or even any other country, will think you are there and not overseas.

The recommendation is ExpressVPN because it continually proves to be the ultimate streaming VPN for several reasons. Bypassing geo-restrictions for any streaming service is one of its top traits.

Besides, it comprises streaming optimized servers with numbers totalling over 3,000 globally. With this, you can obtain buffer-free streams of The Outsider and any other content, be it on-demand or live streaming.

Any fan who wishes to watch all the full episodes can quickly sign up and use the 30-day money-back guarantee like a trial. With signing up for any of the above streaming platforms above, it can be simple to watch Outsider online free.