How to Watch Manifest Season 2 Online in Australia

Manifest hit the screens, and was instantly termed as the new Lost. From losing five years on what was supposed to be a regular flight, all passengers presumed dead.

They are all faced with the impossible, of trying to get on with their lives. Yet something larger keeps hold of their attention and existence.

With visions, voices the road back into society is not what they expected, and even Ben trying to help a clear a passenger of his guilt is out of the ordinary.

Fans are keen to watch episodes, yet finding where to watch Manifest online is a mystery, as is the show.

Watch Manifest Online All Season

When Does Manifest Season 2 Start?

Before season 2, season 1 saw the beginning of the puzzle as the passengers of flight 828 came back from what was supposed to be a routine flight into New York.

Manifest Cast

  • Melissa Roxburgh – Michaela Stone
  • Josh Dallas – Ben Stone
  • Athena Karkanis – Grace Stone
  • Luna Blaise – Olive Stone
  • Jack Messina – Cal Stone
  • Parveen Kaur – Saanvi Bahl
  • Matt Long – Zeke Landon

The mystery unfolds because the world had aged five years while none of the passengers had aged a day.

Here is every full episode for the first season

Season 1

  • Pilot
  • Reentry
  • Turbulence
  • Unclaimed Baggage
  • Connecting Flights
  • Off Radar
  • S.N.A.F.U
  • Point of No Return
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Crosswinds
  • Contrails
  • Vanishing Point
  • Cleared for Approach
  • Upgrade
  • Hard Landing
  • Estimated Time of Departure

Season 2 episode one of the science fiction drama began in January 2020 and ran up until April.

Season 2

Here is a quick episode guide of Manifest season 2

  1. Fasten Your Seatbelts: The Stone family is reeling in the aftermath of a shooting. The Major tightens her grip on Saanvi.
  2. Grounded: Saanvi furthers her research into the Death Date.
  3. False Horizon: The family struggles to cope with the mysterious voices, and the person who holds the key may be in prison.
  4. Black Box: Michaela is thrust into the middle of a bank robbery
  5. Coordinated Flight: Ben finds the determination to get to the bottom of as hit and run. Michaela faces some truths as she investigates an attack in the Church of the Believers.
  6. Return Trip: Zeke’s life is under threat from his past.
  7. Emergency Exit: Zeke Challenges Michaela’s trust.
  8. Carry On: Ben and Michaela face struggles of their own.
  9. Airplane Bottles: Michaela faces some serious scrutiny at work.
  10. Course Deviation: Grace’s pregnancy complicates the pursuit of a calling.
  11. Unaccompanied Minors: Zeke begins to face his date and must confront his past as it nears.
  12. Call Sign: Ben helps absolve a passenger of his guilt, and Saanvi seeks help against the Major.
  13. Icing Conditions: Michaela and Ben place everything on the line for their daring rescue. Zeke’s final moments are getting closer.

So far, there are 29 episodes of Manifest, and fans are waiting for season 3 to emerge. Now, it is time to see where to watch Manifest.

Where Can I Watch Manifest?

The show was written for NBC, and if you head to the website, you can only access bits of Manifest, watch the previous five episodes, and a few clips.

For more than this, you need a cable subscription, and for fans outside the USA, this just won’t work.

Using a VPN, you can access NBC on many of the various streaming platforms, although the best option happens to be Hulu, which offers excellent value for money.

After signing up for Hulu, you can use your credentials to access Hulu for a Manifest stream from NBC, or you can access the NBC app or site to watch there with the same log in details.

Hulu comes with three plans:

  • Plan, which includes ads for $5.99 per month,
  • Plan with no ads $11.99 per month
  • Hulu plan with live TV for $54.99 per month.

For viewing full episodes of Manifest, the base plan with ads is more than sufficient.

With this low rate, you have access to countless movies, TV shows, and Hulu Originals. Hulu is also a great way to watch HBO in Australia.

The steps for signing up for your VPN and Hulu are straightforward.

Best VPN to Watch Manifest Online

VPN Sign Up

Here is a quick walkthrough of how simple it is to purchase a VPN and access the Hulu website to log in.

  1. Select best streaming VPN (ExpressVPN)
  2. Enter e-mail address
  3. Select the payment option
  4. Receive e-mail with download links and account details
  5. Install the app and log in using the VPN’s instructions
  6. Run the VPN client. Change the server to a US one
  7. Head to the Hulu website

Signing Up for Hulu

  1. Click on ‘Start your free trial.’
  2. Select the plan (base plan most cost-effective)
  3. Add e-mail, password, and your name
  4. Enter your date of birth and your gender
  5. Click on ‘Next.’

Pay for Hulu in Australia

  1. Ask someone you know or someone in your family who lives in the USA to arrange a Hulu subscription for you
  2. Get a US prepaid card so you can use it to get a Hulu account in Australia
  3. Get a US virtual card to sign up for a Hulu account in Australia

MyGiftCardSupply is a trusted, reliable website where you can buy a variety of gift cards. You can also use States Pay to make your first registration payment. Then it is possible to use iTunes or Hulu Gift Cards to fund your Hulu service.


Using a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN is a great way to watch Manifest in Australia or any other country.

One of the great things is they have the best 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can use this to sign up for the Hulu one month free trial, and you can watch every episode of Manifest without spending anything.